Shortcuts Directory Featured on TechCrunch

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Our own Brad Siefert, who designs and builds web interfaces for our reporting and analytics solutions, was briefly featured for one of his personal endeavors, cataloging the best of Apple Shortcuts and related resources.

Apple Shortcuts, for those unfamiliar, is an iOS application for iPhone and iPad allowing users to easily script routines and processes using the functionality of other installed apps, with no coding required. Each shortcut can consist of multiple steps, but can be run automatically, without the need to switch between apps and perform each task manually.

One basic example might be automating the things you usually do before driving to work, like pulling open your favorite playlist or podcast, while also getting directions for the fastest route there. With a shortcut, this could all be done by tapping an icon on your home screen, or even scheduled to occur each morning at a certain time.

For their US users, Amazon has long had a similar service for their smart speakers called Alexa Routines. As TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez reported last week, Amazon will being allowing users to share their favorite custom routines with others, similar to what Apple has gradually done with Shortcuts. Perez linked to Brad’s ongoing project Shortcuts Directory as one example of curated, community-led directories on the Apple side meant to assist with discovery.

You can check out Brad’s site for yourself at, or follow him on Twitter at @bksiefert. And to learn more about how Brad or other members of our team can help your organization, just drop us a note to say hello.