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Introducing Earlybird
We're helping colleges and universities get more from their tech transfer programs with cloud software solutions and expert data analysis.
Match Specialists

Match specialized opportunities with faculty, staff, and grads who have the necessary subject matter expertise

Identify Partners

Intelligently target alumni in the private sector who are ideal for strategic acquisitions and partnerships

Track Your Results

Measure and track the performance of programs or key initiatives to ensure optimal use of school resources

Analyze Confidently

Collect, warehouse, and analyze data with confidence using the Earlybird Cloud, powered and secured by Amazon

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Driving Commercialization

Digitally transform your tech transfer program to accelerate high-quality local job creation and bolster the credibility of your institution's brand

Technology transfer is now part of the federal mandate for institutions receiving federal research funding, but it has long been an effective way for colleges and universities to leverage the innovative potential of their faculty, students, and staff—not just by generating revenue, but by creating high-quality local jobs and cultivating prestige.

Unfortunately, many commercialization programs underperform their full potential, and can be wasteful with precious funding when managed inefficiently. With all the challenges now facing higher education, it’s never been more important to make sure tech transfer programs are running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Our Approach

We partner with leading research institutions, helping them find ideal connections for commercialization opportunities

Tech transfer succeeds when the right people are brought together. Often the best entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, and customers for your commercialization initiatives are your faculty, staff, and alumni. Earlybird can help you intelligently target and engage key contacts, using information you likely already have, enriched by data from the web, public profiles, or customizable surveys and forms.

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